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1.First step

If you are interested in selling your property, we recommend that you hire the services of a licensed real estate agency. The fee amount of the agencies is usually 5% + VAT.

2. Agency fees

In Portugal, these are usually paid by the seller. The normal commission is 5% + VAT from the sale price.

3.Why us?

  • Motivation, experience, knowledge and a multilingual team;
  • Vast and efficient network of partners in different European countries;
  • Strong marketing, including online and press advertising;
  • Modern office with good location;
  • Site optimized.

4.Documents requested

All government-licensed real estate agencies are required to obtain the following documents from the seller to ensure that the property is fully legal.

No agent can officially advertise a property without receiving all documents. All licensed real estate agents are subject to periodic inspection by the INCI management body. As such, it is essential that all documents are up-to-date.

The necessary documents are:

4.1. Notarial Deed of Purchase and Sale

This document indicates the title of acquiring a property. The originals are kept by the notary where they are signed.

4.2. Building Booklet

This document contains the description of the property in finance and its tax value on which the fees are charged.

4.3. Land Registry Certificate

This document confirms the name of the registered owner and also provides a brief description of the land, house and existing property charges. This description must match the description of the Building Booklet, if any of the description does not match, it will have to be rectified.

4.4. License to use

This document confirms that the property was built according to the plans, the specifications of the respective House and that it was inspected and approved for housing.

4.5. Architectural projects

You should obtain a set of projects approved by the House to verify that what was built is in accordance with the original approved projects.

4.6. Water Catchment Register - Aquifer Holes

This document confirms that the hole is registered with the appropriate authority.

4.7. Water Discharge Register - Septic Tanks

This document confirms that the pit is registered with the appropriate authority.

4.8. Personal roles

Copies of the tax id card, passport and residence card will be requested

4.9. Housing data sheet

This document contains global information about the property, including materials that are used, names and contactdetails of suppliers, builders, etc.

This document is NOT requested to:

a) properties built before August 7, 1951;

b) properties whose use license was applied or issued until March 31, 2004.

5. Recommendations

5.1. Keys

If you do not live in the property all year round, it is advisable to provide us with a key so that we can access the property and visit it as soon as there is a potential customer to buy it. Some sellers choose to leave the key with a third person (the maid or gardener for example), however this is not the best solution, since we will always have to contact the person responsible for the keys each time it is necessary to make a visit and sometimes this process is time consuming or makes it impossible to visit the property.

5.2. Preparation of property

If you live in the property, it is advisable to have the property clean so that we can photograph or to visit the property to potential buyers. Since smell is a determining factor (often unconsciously), we recommend that you air the property before a visit and avoid using deodorant sprays and cleaning products with strong odors.

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